Farewell to Honest Bee

Honest Bee, sorry that you are closing down.
I placed several orders with you
But items were always missing
Or the wrong item was delivered
So, honestly, I'm not surprised

My last order was for five products. They only delivered one of them. One!

Then there was the time when I happened to go to the supermarket a few days after another order had been delivered (with several products missing), and miraculously I was able to find most of those items on the shelves.  

To be fair, I only used Honest Bee to order Tesco products (from uSelect).  And they only ever had a partial selection of Tesco products available.  

But why didn't they have the full range of products? Why didn't they know what was actually available?  Why were some products frequently shown as available when there was no stock?  But, hey, sometimes I took advantage of this by ordering these products to reach the minimum order value.

Another obvious flaw with their system was that if (for example) I placed an order on Wednesday for delivery on Saturday, I couldn't order anything that was out of stock on Wednesday, and they couldn't deliver anything that was out of stock on Saturday.  And there was no way for me to request a product that was out of stock on Wednesday but actually available on Saturday.