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Exit Sainsburys, enter Monoprix

Marketplace by Jasons (your actual upmarket Wellcome) started stocking Sainsburys products less than three years ago (early 2017). 

It doesn’t seem to have been a big success. According to this link, they now only stock 10 of their fresh and frozen products, and only 100 items in total (compared with at least double that in 2017).  

The good people at Dairy Farm (owners of Wellcome, Market Place, Olivers and 3hreeSixty) have moved on, and are now seeing other foreign retailers: 

  • French cheeses, meats and, er, pasta from Monoprix (France) at better prices than the disappeared Sainsburys products
  • and IKEA meatballs, salmon, etc.  Yes, really.  But not so surprising when you realize that Dairy Farm operate the IKEA stores in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, ParknShop have started stocking products from Woolworths (Australia), and of course they also have been selling French and British supermarket brands (Casino & Waitrose) for quite a long time.        

ParknShop do seem to be making rather tentative attempts to develop their own brand, Food Nation (including those “Special Offer” eggs).  But for now, both they and Wellcome seem to have far more faith in other retailers’ own brands than their own.


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