The silent majority

Making life inconvenient

Having promised not to provide a running commentary on the Hong Kong protests, here are a few thoughts on recent developments.

The latest government strategy seems to be to make life as inconvenient as possible for everyone, in the hope that this will turn people against the protestors.

The MTR has been closing stations that would have been useful for protestors, which was bad enough, but then last night they closed the whole network and today there is only one line open (the Airport Express) and that is only serving two stations.

On 1st October they closed many shopping malls, and the same trick has been repeated today.

In Hong Kong, we often walk through shopping centres to get from one place to another, and many subways under or over main roads are either part of an MTR station or a shopping centre.  So even though there are buses operating, you may not be able to get to the bus stop. 

Oh, and they closed Kowloon Park as well.

Hong Kong people are not stupid.  They know that all of this is being done by the government.    


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