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The French Hospital

Spike is back in Hong Kong, having been forced to retire from his job in the Philippines because of the local laws.  Which was quite a surprise to him (and to most people, I guess)

He had to go to the hospital: One of the Dumbest Things I’ve Ever Done

I was surprised that a visit to the emergency ward now costs HK$180 (roughly US$23.50). Of course that’s just a fraction of what it probably costs in the U.S. but even so, five years ago I’m sure it was just HK$100. That’s a big jump in 5 years. Have people stopped betting on the horses? Are HK hospitals charging retaliatory tariffs to U.S. patients?

Obviously the last part isn't true.  That's the rate for holders of a Hong Kong ID card (others have to pay HK$1,230).  But he's right that it was increased from HK$100 about two years ago.

I confess to not fully understanding the charges for healthcare in Hong Kong.  Visiting a GP seems quite expensive, especially considering the "three-minute-visit/five-bags-of-pills policy".   But last time I visited a specialist (in a private hospital) it cost less than Spike paid for his visit to an emergency room.  I suppose that a visit to the hospital pharmacy would increase the total cost, but I was paying for this myself, and I know a better solution for that.

And I can add to my list of places in Hong Kong where the commonly used Cantonese name is totally different from the English name - St Teresa's Hospital (聖德肋撒醫院) is known as "faat gwok yi yun" (法國醫院).  Look it up.


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It seems that there were in fact two "French Hospitals" in Hong Kong: one, in Kowloon, is now St Teresa's, and the other, in Causeway Bay, is now St Paul's.

Both were founded by the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres.


Yes that seems to be the case. See how confusing they make it!!

I suppose that if you are in Kowloon and you say "faat gwok yi yun" to a taxi driver they will know which one you mean. Or (more likely) they'll think you are talking in English and refuse to understand the crazy gweilo.


Oh, and what happened with your blog?

I know I don't post so frequently these days, but you seem to have been away for 8 years.


Yes, life intervenes, motivation wanes, I guess you know how it is. I 'm back to posting occasionally when I feel sufficiently wound up.

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