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HKTVMall - customer service

A small follow up to my post on HKTVMall. 

Just to say that their customer service really isn’t great.

I ordered something that was supposed to be available within 4-7 working days.  Then just two days later I noticed that they had updated the order with a delivery date - the following day, at a time when no-one would be home.  So I contacted their customer service.

I opened the chat window and entered my question.  And waited.  And waited.  It took about 25 minutes for someone to respond.

Me: I notice you are planning to deliver this item tomorrow.
HKTVMall: The item will be delivered within 4-7 working days
HKTVMall: Monday to Friday
Me: That’s fine, but your website shows that it will be delivered tomorrow and no-one will be home
HKTVMall: Please wait, I'm checking the item.
HKTVMall: The item hasn’t arrived in our warehouse.
Me: So the information on your website is meaningless?
HKTVMall: The item hasn’t arrived in our warehouse.

That might look like a brief conversation, but it actually took 20 minutes (after the 25 minute wait for someone to appear).  To achieve precisely nothing.

Someone must have decided that they were planning to deliver it the next day, but apparently this information isn’t shared with their Customer Services team.

Needless to say, they did try to make the delivery the following day, and no-one was home.

I’ve had other deliveries that have been later than the (4 hour) timeslot, and others that have been several hours early.  And the previous time I tried to contact their Customer Services it took one hour for them to respond, by which time I had given up (but I hadn't closed the chat window, so I know how long it took). 

Quite a lot of work to be done on customer service, then.    


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I am using hktv mall items delivered to my home but after checking. It was incomplete. I tried finding contact support...non in the app

Can somebody tell me where can I find customer service? And why the app don't have a button for this?


In the app I think there's an icon with a headset and then you can select the problem (e.g. "Orders That Already Been Delivered") and then select the order.

To be fair, I generally find their Customer Service quite good (though I wish I didn't have to contact them so often).


Did my first order two days ago and received delivery today. Of the two items ordered, one was wrong! A 128G xd card turned into a face mask package! A very simple order and they could be so wrong. Tried to chat with MallMall online, which is in beta mode. That was a real waste of time. The only other choice left is to file a report of the issue online. It says it will take 2 to 4 days... It certainly is not a pleasant nor satisfactory experience. Think twice before placing your order.


Yes, the online chat can be super frustrating, but I have to say that every time I have logged a problem report with them they have responded quickly and done whatever was required to make it right.

Personally I will continue using them, because (1) some good products and good prices, and (2) any competition for the PnS/Wellcome duopoly has to be encouraged!


This is a typical sales focus company. Their only focus to create sales and not caring after sales comment. It took me a while in their website and app to locate Customer Services. I just want to return an item. The hotline has no one to answer.

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