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Food Gulu - update required. Plus spam.

Food Gulu

I understand that apps need to be updated periodically.  But why do you force me to update it before I can use it?  Almost every other app allows you to use the current version and update later (when you have time).  But not FoodGulu, oh no.

Food Gulu is a simple enough app - it allows you to book  tables for restaurants in Hong Kong (including the Maxims group).  Anyone who has had to wait for a table for Dim Sum should appreciate the convenience.  You can make a booking on your way to the restaurant  – and if there’s a long wait you can do something else whilst monitoring the queue.

But recently it seems to need updating every week, and the first you hear of it is when you open it to book a table.

Plus they have started sending me annoying offers for a 20% discount if I pre-order food in a Korean restaurant at the airport.  This can’t be a targeted offer (I’ve never been to this restaurant or used the FoodGulu app at the airport), so it must be spam

Hong Kong people neither surprised nor shocked that CY Leung was told not to stand again

Seriously, South China Morning Post?  Hong Kong is not “in shock” and we are not “stunned”:

Hong Kong in shock as Chief Executive CY Leung decides not to seek re-election

South China Morning Post | Saturday 10 December, 2016

Hong Kong’s embattled leader on Friday left the city stunned and threw next year’s chief executive election wide open by ­announcing that he would not seek a second term to spare his family “unbearable pressure”.

Eyes were glued to television screens and mouths hung open in shock as a grim-faced Leung Chun-ying told Hong Kong that he was calling it quits in a hastily arranged press conference at 3.30pm, an hour after the government gave the media a heads-up.

The only person who might have been shocked and surprised would be CY Leung when Beijing told him what to do.


  • “Eyes were glued to television screens” – no they weren’t
  • “mouths hung open” – no they didn’t
  • “grim-faced Leung Chun-ying” – well, OK, he didn’t look happy
  • “heads-up” is a horrible phrase.  What’s wrong with calling it a briefing?