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Netflix arrives in Hong Kong, followed by House of Cards

Netflix has indeed launched in Hong Kong – and most of the rest of the world (apart from China).

Initially, House of Cards wasn’t available.  Yes, that’s right – the series for which Netflix is best known wasn’t available on Netflix.  Along with a lot of other shows.

The good news is that Netflix Hong Kong does now have the Netflix series House of Cards1.  Good work, Netflix people.

As pointed out below, they currently only have the first 3 series, which in no way diminishes the achievement by Netflix Hong Kong in securing the rights to a Netflix owned drama series.


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Er they don't have season 4, only 1-3


Yes. I am still watching series 1, but you are correct that they don't yet have series 4 - presumably someone else has exclusive rights for a period of time. Hoping that it will be available by the time I catch up.

Oh, and this was a deliberate mistake just to check that people are paying attention.

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