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The SCMP reports that Page One in Causeway Bay has closed (Bookshop at end of last chapter in Times Square), though it seems possible that it may re-open if space can be found.  So not really the end of the last chapter, then.

The one in TST moved recently and became a “concept store”.  At first sight it appears to have become a magazine store with a few books, but hidden away upstairs is a reasonable size bookstore.

The concept, of course, is high-priced books, but the SCMP seems not to have picked up on that:

[T]he closure of its Causeway Bay branch signaled wider difficulty for English-language bookshops, publisher Jimmy Pang Chi-ming said.

"Hong Kong people read few books. They read fewer English books, and even fewer hard-cover collectables," he said.

Well, maybe they do read books but don’t want to pay excessive prices.  English books are typically marked up by 25% in Hong Kong.  Strangely the same books are available in Bangkok without that mark-up, or in India for significantly less.

Or you can buy from Amazon or Book Depository.


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