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This is your bank calling

It’s bad enough receiving unsolicited sales calls on my mobile (though I find that either ignoring them until they hang up, or saying “Hello, who’s calling?” usually work quite well), but I get seriously annoyed when my bank keeps calling to sell me stuff.

Yes, “my bank”. I have had an account (and a credit card) with them for quite a few years, and, after all that time, one might think that they know something about me.

But no - as well as trying to sell me services that they ought to know that I don’t need, they can’t even address me correctly.  OK, yes, it is one of my names, but it’s not the correct one.

I told them to stop calling me, and they warned me that I might miss out on a new product or service.  Well, yes, that’s the idea.  If I need something, I believe I am probably capable of asking them for assistance.