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Things that don’t work–Spotify

It’s very kind of them to make Spotify available in Hong Kong, but their stupid software doesn’t work.  I am running Windows 7 (64 bit) and the Spotify application works for anything from 30 seconds to a few minutes before crashing – and it’s impossible to close it and restart it.

The Android app works, but is hardly usable because it drains the battery within a few hours.

Which just leaves the web version, but that only seems to work in Chrome – and requires Flash Player, which I had disabled.

Well, at least Google and Apple aren’t competing with them.  Oh, hang on, yes they are.


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I'm curious: does Spotify HK have separate software from the rest of the world? I'd be surprised if so, but then I'm also surprised by your experience. I've never seen a single Spotify crash in a couple of years of using it on multiple Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines.

I do regularly experience annoyingly obtrusive ads that pop focus to Spotify even when it is in the background, and then don't return me to my original app with a single Alt-Tab, and other similarly obnoxious behavior, but never a crash of any kind.


I am sure it's the same software, and I have wasted time searching the discussion forums to find solutions that sound plausible (but don't work):

Spotify is already running but not responding Please close it

Spotify have even claimed to be working on a fix.

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