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I have read this several times, but I still don’t understand.  Aren’t all leading Conservative politicians in the UK also Tories?

Seeking the Right Way to Win: Why Conservatives on Both Sides of the Atlantic Are in Crisis

By ANDREW GIMSON  |  Time Magazine | Monday, Apr. 16, 2012

Conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic are in crisis. To British eyes, the race for the Republican nomination looks like a disaster, with no consensus emerging about what a modern Republican party can offer. But U.K. Conservatives do not appear to have any solution to the ideological morass of their American cousins.

A cursory glance might lead you to another conclusion. That's because British Prime Minister David Cameron is nominally a Tory, and so is the country's other major Conservative political figure, London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Wikipedia has this to say:

Tory - Current Usage

In Britain after 1832 the Tory Party was replaced by the Conservative Party, and "Tory" has become shorthand for a member of the Conservative Party or for the party in general. Many Conservatives still call themselves "Tory" to differentiate themselves from opponents, and the term is common in the media.

Boris Johnson?  All very well as London mayor (Boris or Ken – what a choice) but does anyone really seriously believe that he could become prime minister?  Being tipped as a future party leader is pretty much a guarantee that it won’t happen.


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A Conservative in UK is a Tory - there is no difference.

However imho the use of terminology used in USA is NOT the same as in UK. A Conservative in UK does not equal a Conservative in the USA. Likewise using the word Libertine seems to have different usage in USA compared to UK.


Yes Conservative in US terms is a different beast. But this was a piece by a British journalist about British politics.


Well these days - that's what you get for your money matey.

Mark simon

This is Mark Simon of Next Media, just wanted to say we enjoy your blog and it helps us put some perspective on expat community in Hong Kong. My one sided view in things is not enough, so I send our news folks to this blog from time to time.


Priivate Beach

I think Libertine means the same on both sides of the Atlantic. it's Libertarian which differs in meaning.

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