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Russia and Qatar

So it's Russia in 2018, and, er, Qatar in 2022.

There has been entirely predictable outrage in England about the failure of the World Cup bid. Apparently some delegates promised they would vote for England, but then voted for someone else! Well, who could possibly have expected that?

The Sun (predictably) has another angle: It's a fix - Russians knew World Cup bid result, because when the same delegates told the Russians that they were voting for them, they were telling the truth

There has been criticism of the Sunday Times (for exposing the willingness of some FIFA delegates to accept bribes) and the BBC (for reporting that other FIFA delegates had taken bribes in the past). Prior to that, Lord Triesman was recorded by the Daily Mail repeating rumours about other naughty things done by Johnny Foreigner.  And those foreign FIFA delegates didn’t vote for the English bid.  Life really is full of surprises.

Then Qatar won the right to stage to 2022 tournament. Why would FIFA want to stage the World Cup in a tiny but incredibly wealthy state. Oh, right...

Surely it is now time for the English FA to stop wasting time and money on World Cup bids. The money they spent on this one would have been much better used on projects that would bring immediate benefit and maybe even give England a chance of winning the trophy.