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English? Only if you can read Chinese

imageAnother piece of stupid website design. 

This is the UPS Hong Kong website.  It’s in Chinese, which is fair enough, but surely there must be an English version.  Common sense would dictate that there would be a button marked ‘Language’or ‘Eng’or something similar.  In English.  Nope, can’t see that anywhere.

Yes there is an English version, but you have to be able to read Chinese to find it.  Click on the correct button and a little drop-down appears and gives you the choice of Chinese or English:  image


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Bryan K

hi i see your point.

BUT English speaking users in HK won't need to go to the chinese site first before they can access the UPS HK english site.

If you search HK UPS site in Google HK English site, it will always give you the UPS HK English site.

Below is the UPS HK english speaking site

Below is the UPS HK Chinese language site)

You will only find UPS HK Chinese site if you search in Google HK Chinese site! (I doubt many Westerners will go there!)


You are correct, but somehow I found myself on the Chinese version of the site. I think it may have been a link from a card that UPS left in my mailbox, but of course I've thrown that away.


Let's say, a website has versions of several languages, and has a button that reads "Language". Would you make the same complaint?


No, that would be fine. I said:

Common sense would dictate that there would be a button marked ‘Language’ or ‘Eng’ or something similar. In English

Of course if a site has English & Chinese, then having a button in Chinese on the English version to swap languages would also be a good idea.


I went to the site using Google. It opened in the Chinese site but I have the Google toolbar set in Firefox to translate Chinese automatically and so it instantly turned English.
But even so, every website that wants your business will have a "translate button" on the top of their page (as does this one) and even if you can't read the words 更改語言 on there, there is always going to be a drop-down arrow next to the Language button.

數16的狀態致以誠摯的問候!你知不知道有在線翻譯計劃嗎?Online translators are not by any means perfect, but I find I can communicate if I use a whole slew of empathy and hold my mouth just right...

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