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It doesn't seem that long ago that we only got one EPL game live on Saturday night.  Then it became two of the 3pm kick-offs, and then (3 years ago) every single game.

Perhaps even more amazing is that we now get up to 3 live games on Saturday from the Championship (the second tier of English football) courtesy of Goal TV, which has recently been added to the Now Sports package.

Goal TV also has selected programmes from the club channels of Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid and Barcelona, including full matches (but recorded rather than live).

MUTV (Manchester United’s channel) is no longer available through Goal TV but has become a standalone channel on Now TV - for which you have to pay extra.  They seem to show their EPL games a few hours after they have finished.

So what is available? 

  • English Premier League - Cable TV has the live rights
    • MUTV (Manchester United TV) - Now TV
    • Chelsea TV, Liverpool TV – Goal TV (Now Sports) 
  • Champions League and Europa League - Cable TV
  • Italian Serie A - Cable TV and Now Sports
  • Spanish La Liga - Now Sports
  • German Bundesliga - Cable TV
  • French Ligue 1 - Now Sports
  • Scottish Premier League -  Goal TV
  • Dutch League -  Goal TV
  • English FA Cup - Star Sports (Now Sports)
  • English Football League -  Goal TV

As ever, updates and corrections are very welcome.


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Thanks for that.

Do you know if you can just subscribe to Goal TV? Or what is the minimum you can get from Now TV including Goal TV (I just want to watch the Championship)?



No, I think you have to subscribe to the "Now Sports megapack" for $138 per month


Sorry for comment on a 2-yr old post ... Just been to GoalTV website, and it seems the Championship football has been dropped somewhere along the line ...

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