Where’s it gone?
Daft question


The SCMP seems to have been hoist by its own petard.

img004They have a  policy of printing the Chinese characters for people and places.  And another policy of cutting costs.  The unsurprising result is that  sometimes they get things wrong.

Yesterday they somehow mixed up the Chinese characters for Chinese President Hu Jintao and another Mr Hu (Hong Kong’s SCMP Botches Hu’s Chinese Characters, Apologizes):

Instead of the Chinese characters for Hu’s name, the English-language Post printed the characters for “Hu Jia” which is the same name of a prominent mainland activist serving a three-and-a-half year jail term for subversion, Radio Television Hong Kong said on its Web site.

A spokeswoman for the paper said the error occurred due to a mistake in proof-reading carried out by an expatriate who does not understand Chinese, RTHK said.

img007  Today they have a very prominent but very vague apology, and no further mention of their blunder.


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It was the gweilo's fault - that's all right then!

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