An uphill battle


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gunlaw is much more interesting and certainly should be discussed because it is proof of the connection between telluric currents and earthquakes; not to mention the path of typhoons tracking telluric currents.

My suggested formulation for the phenomenon is hf is inversely proportional to the cube root of the relevant unit of magnetic flux density - which is a bit problematic because we need at least 5 new units.

In other words, stuff a giant dipole down a geothermal bore and make electricity out of earthquakes.

Matt B

Speaking of sky news, I'm watching it via Now tv and tonight a message has been scrolling across the screen:

"This Channel is migrating and will not be available on this old frequency after 30th April 2010. Please coordinate with your distributor to avail uninterrupted service."

This is also on Fox News (not that I'm subscribed to that of course!).

What price this means these channels will simply disappear on said date? They are also offering the Fox channel free until June 7th on CH.515 so I wonder if this is all linked in some way? The Simpsons seems to have disappeared from Star World too...


Yes, it does seem that The Simpsons has been transferred from Star World to Fox.

Joyce Lau

All I have to say is that Lord Adonis is an awesome name.

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