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Dangerous claims

Avatar is no Toy Story

It is said that James Cameron spent about ten years waiting for the technology he needed to make Avatar.  You’d think that he might have spent a tiny fraction of that time going to the cinema to watch a Pixar movie or two, just to see how computer animation can be combined with engaging characters and an interesting plot. 

Yes, sure, there are parts of Avatar that are visually stunning, but that isn’t enough to compensate for the wafer-thin plot and the one-dimensional characters.  Oh, and it’s at least an hour too long.  And was unobtanium really the best name he could conjure up for the stuff that caused all the trouble?  


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Lots of video-game spin-off potential and mind-blowing CGI (the VTOL choppers and the forests!) But the plot is 'Last Of The Mohicans' in space.


True, plot could have been a lot tighter, never expected Oscar winning performances but still thought film was awesome!

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