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Happy Christmas and links updated

I have been taken to task by Mr Spike for linking to his old site, and I can't deny that a review of my list of Hong Kong blogs was long overdue.  It also turns out that Mr Hemlock has finally closed down his old site and moved to Wordpress, and a few old favourites have stopped alogether.

Oh, and Happy Christmas.

Finally I can stop lying

How many millions of pieces of paper have been collected at the airport (and Lo Wu and other ports) since the HKSAR government starting requiring travellers to make a health declaration?

What have they done with them?  What has it achieved?  Why has Hong Kong persisted with this nonsense long after everywhere else gave it up?

Did they really expect that everyone with a cough or a sore throat would avoid travelling?  Well, from today you can do just that without worrying about the stupid forms. 

Rabbit drowns off Wan Chai

Er, is this news?scmp 001

Rabbit drowns off Wan Chai

A rabbit drowned off Wan Chai after falling into the sea while its owner was walking it at a waterfront park. Police said a 15-year-old girl called for help at about 8.45am, saying her pet rabbit had fallen into the sea at the park, in Hung Hing Road. A marine police vessel was called to the scene but was unable to save the rabbit.