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RSS - win one, lose one

Well, well.  I see that Hemlock has fixed his RSS feed, a mere 3 or 4 years after it stopped working.  I'm afraid that I can't be bothered going to a website to read a blog, so I have been missing his words of wisdom for quite some time.

Fumier's RSS feed disappeared some time ago, and I suppose this must be a policy decision (because he also deletes old postings after a month or so).  Still, the old fool usually sends me an email if he makes a reference to this blog, so I guess I'm not missing anything.    


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Fumier's RSS feed is working fine for me. Hemlock's is sort of working now but intermittent.

Giles Smedley

Does anyone have Hemlocks RSS feed address ? I can't see a feed link on his site, and my feed reader didn't discover one. Thanks !



But it's one of those "sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't" deals.


I e-mail you because I assume you visit your own site as often as everyone else does, old chap.

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