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Good grief.  Does the government really believe that closing primary schools and kindergartens is going to help?   

Do they actually think they have special powers that will make it possible to keep H1N1 away from Hong Kong?  With the number of people who arrive here every day from Australia, the US and the UK, that would be a miraculous achievement.

No, surely they can't believe that.  As it said in yesterday’s sub-Standard, this is a political decision rather than a medical one.  Or to translate that into English, it's the type of thing that idiot politicians do when they haven't got a clue how to respond.

Are they really going to close all schools for two weeks every time there is a "local cluster" of cases?  Probably not, because as with their initial policy of quarantining everyone who came within half a mile of anyone with H1N1, they are going to figure out before very long that this is daft.  It makes sense to close any school where there are confirmed cases (and maybe even ones with suspected cases), but closing every single kindergarten and primary school is not a sensible response.

It seems likely that by Autumn this thing will be more serious.  At that point it could make sense to close schools to slow the spread of H1N1 simply to make it easier for hospitals to cope.  But does it make sense now?  What’s the worst case scenario if schools were to stay open as normal until the end of the school year in a few weeks time?  A few hundred cases.  So the answer is clear. 


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