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The government is apparently very cross with the good people at Hong Kong Disneyland, who took advantage of the closure of all primary schools by announcing a special offer (for children) of unlimited admission for two weeks for the normal price of a single entry ticket.  Predictably there were big crowds of children there on Friday, coughing away merrily and spreading germs in a reckless manner.

The government, you see, expects all children to be shut away in their bedrooms for the entire fortnight, otherwise their cunning plan will be reduced to ruins.  Well, yes, I was thinking the same thing.  

Meanwhile, their next brilliant idea is that domestic helpers should change their day off.  Apparently the idea of thousands of helpers congregating in Statue Square on a Sunday is way too scary for our politicians.  That's going to work really well for parents whose children are off school for two weeks, isn't it?

I also look forward to the reaction from HSBC and everyone else in the vicinity when a few thousand helpers turn up on, say, a Thursday.  Wearing masks, of course - yesterday on the news they showed one helper who had been told by her employer to wear a mask at all times during her day off.  Well, you can never be too careful.

Whilst we are on this theme, I've noticed that dim sum restaurants get very crowded on Sundays.  Maybe civil servants should work on Sundays and have Tuesdays off? 

It’s. Not. Going. To. Happen.


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Trams, buses, the MTR and most of Causeway Bay can get very crowded. Perhaps we could have a system where all the Wongs and Lees can use public transport and go shopping on alternate days, while on the other days, the Chans and Poons get their turn. And children and old people should be restricted to the Dark Side.


Well its like everything rolled into one. Overreaction, plus a bit of inconsistency thrown in probably due to some sort of latent racism towards helpers who happen to be predominantly from foreign lands. Let's finger them for spreading disease through overcrowding, forgetting, of course, that Hong Kong is often overcrowded most of the time. It has some of the highest density housing in the world, and check out Causeway Bay at practically any time of the day.

Therefore, Bow Tie and his bunch of merry men are, logically, idiots.


Wow, finally a post where you're not crying about the PCCW. SHOCK! :0

Philadelphia USA

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