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Sha Tin to Central - or maybe not


Last week the SCMP had two stories about the so-called "Sha Tin to Central link", the new rail line being built by the MTR (MTR Corp submits new rail plan and vows to minimise disruption.

When completed the 17km extension will not only give commuters in Ma On Shan and Sha Tin a direct rail route to Central and Admiralty, it will also link East Kowloon to the New Territories West via West Rail.

And look, there's a map to show us the route (see right)

Except that I'm fairly certain that the latest plan is to link up Ma On Shan Rail with West Rail by building a line from Tai Wai to Hung Hom, and to extend East Rail to Central.  They will then be renamed the East-West line and the North-South line.  So Ma On Shan will not have a direct connection to Central (though Sha Tin will).

I tried to check this on the MTR website, but I couldn't find anything very clear.  I don't think I imagined this, though.


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you are correct. I saw this some where before. When this extension is completed, the Ma On Shan Rail will run to Kowloon Tong, Hunghum and continue on the track as the West Rail. The rail from LoWu will run to Tai Wai and then turn to Diamond Hill, Kai Tak and Hunghom and cross the harbour to Convention Centre and terminates at Admiralty as the North South Rail


hwlmtf - Ma On Shan line / East-West line will go through East Kowloon to Hung Hom, but not go to Kowloon Tong.

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