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A few weeks ago, HSBC announced that it was changing the conversion rate for Asia Miles, so now you need 15 reward points to get 1 Asia Mile (rather than 12:1, so it's 25% worse).  Compared to other cards that is very mean indeed - some cards give double or triple points, whilst others have significantly better conversion rates.

Now they have announced that (for some of their credit cards), they will no longer offer any reward points for paying bills online. 

Thanks a lot, HSBC.

One more thing.  Whoever designed the "bill payment" section of Online@HSBC (or whatever it's called), deserves a special award for truly awful web design.

What's needed here is a simple, clean, logical design that allows the customer to select a bill, enter the amount and press a button to confirm.  How hard can that be?

It needs to be easy to use for the 95% of transactions that are straightforward.

That means that I shouldn't have to specify the bill type.  If it's an insurance premium it should make that the default type (but allow me to change it).  Likewise, if it's an electricity bill, I shouldn't have to select 'electricity bill'.  If I am doing a more exotic transaction give me an option to change the bill type, but otherwise don't bug me!

Likewise, if I always use my HSBC credit card to pay bills, why not make that the default and let me change to a different payment method if I choose to do so, rather than forcing me to select it every time.

Incredibly, they can't fit this small amount of information on to one screen, so you have to scroll down to find the "confirm" button.  That's ridiculous.

Getting customers to use online self-service applications saves companies a lot of money, so the least they can do is design them to be easy to use (and credit here to American Express, who have finally made their site easy to use).


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