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Zebra sighted

A few weeks ago I suggested that there aren't any zebra crossings on public roads in Hong Kong.

Apparently I need to get out more, because there are a few scattered around.  In fact, last week the sub-Standard reported an accident on one in Shau Kei Wan:

The driver of a light goods vehicle was arrested after a 70-year-old woman was knocked down and killed on a zebra crossing in Shau Kei Wan.  The incident occurred around 6am yesterday on Oil Lai Street in front of the Aldrich Bay Government Primary School.

The woman, surnamed Ma, was admitted to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital where she was certified dead at 6.40am.  The 47-year-old driver of the goods vehicle, surnamed Wong, was arrested for dangerous driving causing death.

Owing to its location near the school, Eastern District Council member Hui Ching-on wants the zebra crossing upgraded to one with traffic lights.

I suppose it would be asking too much for drivers to learn how to approach zebra crossings.  The problem with having so many crossings with lights is that drivers don't have to think - they just have to watch the lights (though in my experience even that is sometimes too difficult).


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I nearly knocked someone down at a zebra crossing in Wanchai. It was one with a light and I was turning into Queens Road East. The light was green for me and red for her and she just crossed without refering to either the light or the traffic ... due to the angle there was almost no way I could see her until I was nearly on her, and I was travelling really slowly (luckily). Perhaps the shortage of zebra crossings mean both drivers and pedestrians dont' know how to use them.


There are plenty of zebra crossings on the Island, old chap.

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