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English - if you can read Chinese

Paypal have set up a Hong Kong site.  Hurrah - there's an English version.  However, you have to wonder about the common sense of the people who set it up, because this is the screen header:


Well-designed multi-lingual sites have a button saying 'English'.  This one doesn't.

However, if you can recognize any Chinese characters you might try clicking that button on the second row:


and when you click it it duly expands to give you a menu:


Easy wasn't it - if you can read Chinese...


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New Englander

Fascinating. I tried to buy something a couple of weeks ago, got routed to the PayPal HK site, and after 10 minutes of clicking around, I gave up (and wrote the merchant a letter saying I had given up) because there was no way for a non-Chinese-reading HK resident to use the site. Now I know there is a way.....

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