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HSBC are now promoting their electronic statement service to replace the paper version sent through the mail.  Good idea, poor execution.

Why does it have to be so difficult?  They send you an email, with a link to a webpage.  You then have to sign in using a different password to the one you have for Internet banking, and it opens a pop-up window to display a link to the statement (if your browser will let it - and in Firefox it appears as gibberish).  Only then you can download a pdf file to your computer.

This is all very puzzling.  Why can't I simply have my statement(s) available for download when I sign on to Internet banking? 

American Express have a similar service, and it is only slightly less frustrating.  They send you an email, but if you click on the link it doesn't work because you aren't signed on.  Then you sign on with your password, but there is no option to download the statement!  You have to select the option to display the statement and then click on the Acrobat logo, and then select the latest statement from the list.  Frustrating, but at least there's only one website and one userid and password.

Here's the thing I don't get.  Why not have all your transactions for a year available on Internet Banking?  Why do they delete old transactions from this service?  Why don't they provide a method to download this information to Excel or MS Money or Quicken (or anything similar).  Wouldn't that be the simplest solution?  Sending an email to get a link to a pdf file that is no more than an electronic copy of a paper statement seems a very complicated way of doing it.


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Belle Liu

Need some help here - I still can't get it to work.

Opened the attachment, entered my password, but the page just loads forever.

The text "Loading PostX Tools... " appears at the bottom of the page ... that's it.

I'm using a Mac, tried both Safari and Firefox still to no avail. Does it work only on Windows?!


Unhappy Mac User


Surprised to hear this as Hang Seng's system worked flawlessly for years... available inside ebanking, works in Firefox etc. I thought they were developed by the same team?

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