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Head & Shoulders 400ml

Mannings $42.90 "reduced from $47"
Watsons $42.90 "reduced from $46"
Park'n'Shop $36.90 "reduced from $42.90"
Local pharmacy $35  

I can't be bothered to check the price in Wellcome, but I bet it's more than $35.

A few observations:

  1. Do Mannings & Watson ever sell at the full price they show on the price ticket? 
  2. It's amazing that the two "competing" pharmacy chains can sell at exactly the same price.
  3. What is the buying power of AS Watson (who own Watsons & Park'n'Shop), and Hutchison Jardines/Dairy Farm (who own Mannings & Wellcome)?
  4. Remind me again - who is the richest man in Hong Kong?


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Just a small correction, Dairy Farm owns Mannings and Wellcome. AS Watson owns Watsons and Park'n'Shop - so they are *genuinely* competing ... just not very hard!


Following up R's comment, A.S. Watson is the retail and consumer division of Hutchison Whampoa Ltd.


Thanks - I know there are two different "competing" groups, but I wrote Hutchison when I meant to write Jardines/Dairy Farm. I've corrected it now.


Head & Shoulders? Bit of a dandruff problem, old chap?

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