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My favourite moment from the typically shabby TVB Pearl coverage of the Olympics came earlier tonight when Andrew Sams thought that Nadal had won the Olympic Gold Medal when he won the tie-break at the end of the 2nd set. 

Strangely, Nadal didn't look too excited, simply going back to his seat ready for the 3rd set, and the commentators then mumbled some nonsense about needing a lead of two clear sets.

I must say that I thought the scoreboard showing a possible 5 sets was a bit of a clue.  You might also think that the media would be provided with information about the format (which admittedly was different for the final), but perhaps Andrew Sams and his co-commentator were too busy thinking of inane things to say to read all that sort of stuff.


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Seriously, Andrew Sams is an embarassment for all Australians. It staggers me that he is so ill prepared for almost every sport he commentates on in one of the most significant sporting events in the world.


Maybe it helps to just mute the TV set.


I'm glad others are as fed-up with Andrew Sams as I am. Does anyone know where I can find a picture of the guy? I'd like to show all of my friends back in the States why they should be thankful for Bob Costas.


Not just Sams - also Kik and Bozo and the other Aussie. Private Eye used to run a column called "Colemans Balls" named afer David Coleman who made a few commentary gaffs in his time but he was a 1,000 times more prepared for the events he covered than any of TVB commentators. Maybe we need a HK version - Bozoballs I think - has a betters ring than Samsballs!

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