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The Palazzo - binoculars required

scan0009 Another week, another advert for The Palazzo in the SCMP on Sunday.

This time the focus is back on the racecourse, with the claim that the "apartments command panoramic views including the breathtaking view of the International Sha Tin Racecourse."

Well, I daresay that some apartments do have a view of the racecourse, but it isn't the one that their artist has conjured up for this advert.

Why not? 

Well, the apartments in The Palazzo are not that close to the racecourse itself, and are instead opposite the Jockey Club staff quarters and the site of the equestrian events in the Olympics (which will have reverted back to being the Sports Institute by the time anyone moves in).   

scan0010Also, the apartments are next to Route 9, so any apartment with fantastic view of the racecourse would also have a fantastic view of a great deal of traffic.

So whilst these "incredibly spacious" apartments do probably have a view of some horse racing, you will need binoculars to see any horses.

Mind you, I suppose I should point out that this image does at least acknowledge that there is quite a lot of development on the other side of the Shing Mun river, something you might not have expected if you believed their other flight of fancy.

Amusingly, this advert has a legal bit at the bottom that says that "the above artist rendering of the clubhouse and show flat photos are enhanced by computer graphics and for reference only."  You don't say...


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Hi - Have you visited The Palazzo show flats in Olympic City 2? They are pushing the view of the racecourse, big time. You know, you can file a complaint with the Housing Authority regarding truth in advertising. http://www.housingauthority.gov.hk/en/contactus/salesdescription/0,,1-0-0-,00.html

Mat B

The shopping centre in Olympic is just swarming with sales people. A friend and I were there on Sunday and couldn't quite believe it. Do they really expect to sell property this way? Harassing some random person into buying on the spot? Is that how property normally gets sold here??

All very strange.

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