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By general consent, the English Premier League is the #1 league in the world, as demonstrated by the fact that PCCW paid a small fortune to secure the exclusive rights to show the games in Hong Kong.

Yet Cable TV apparently know better, and has decided that its viewers are more interested in La Liga, Serie A and the German Bundesliga than the EPL.  The sports news on Cable TV News starts with brief highlights, results and tables from an assortment of continental leagues, before finally and reluctantly giving viewers a quick rundown of happenings in the EPL.

I believe that they could show the goals from the EPL, but to do so they would need to give a credit to Now TV, and presumably that would be a bit too humiliating for them.  Well, that's their choice, but they do look extremely silly when they try to pretend that the EPL is suddenly less important than the Bundesliga. 


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Unless I'm missing something, surely this must be a price issue, ie they would be charged exorbitant prices to show the clips? A bit like the risible decline of Match of the Day which stopped being able to show the goals in EPL matches (there's a wonderfully internecine account of this on Wikipedia).

Failing that - no one could ever accuse HK TV stations of being alive to news values.


I doubt it's about money. I think TVB are allowed to show the goals, but have to give credit to Now TV - which I suppose is not an issue because they are not competitors. I don't think they would pay for the rights.

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