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The mobile phone that isn't


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May I know what the problem is?


I'm actually not quite sure what they want to say, but I think it should be something like:

HSBC is one of the most professional and experienced issuers of warrants in Hong Kong. We are now launching...

God, what shite that is. A potential customer would wonder if the web site was as poor as the advert and the standard of English. If HSBC has such a lack of concern about an advert being right how the f' should I trust the web site to be accurate and up to date. It isn't just the spelling the opening line uses the word 'professional' as though it's an indicator of competence. Something the writer of the advert doesn't have and by association - the bank.


Bugger me, Ornery, if that's not the view from Nina Wang's empty place in Shatin!


I've always maintained that Shatin is simply the most delightful place to live in the whole of Hong Kong. I wouldn't live anywhere else.


I think!

They need!


Exclamation marks!


difficult it would have been to have got the - proof read = difficult it would have been to have had the

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