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Wrong again

Gotta love it when they get it so spectacularly wrong.

This morning (Hong Kong time) it seemed like a done deal - Barack Obama's convincing victory in the New Hampshire primary was very bad news for Hillary Clinton.  Then over the next few hours the headlines changed, first pointing to a dead heat and then to Clinton's victory.

Oops.  Opinion polls?  Wrong?  Well, that's never happened before, has it.  Except perhaps when Labour was headed for victory in 1992, or when Zogby confidently called the Presidential Election for John Kerry in 2004.  

All this was changing while British newspapers were being printed, so the early editions will have been stuffed full of articles about the drastic things that Hillary Clinton would have to do to have any hope of reviving her campaign.  Articles that suddenly disappeared from the front pages of their websites and were hastily rewritten for the later editions.


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Last time I checked it was "Barack Obama" and not "Obama Barack".


Ah - you spotted my deliberate mistake. I do that to check whether anyone reads this rubbish. Oh, yes.

[Exits stage left feeling embarrassed]


It's Obama when that happens! (Geddit?)

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