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This really is the gift that keeps on giving...

I thought Newcastle's board were going to spoil the fun when they said that they would take their time finding a manager and might consider appointing a foreigner.  Gérard Houllier was mentioned, and then Didier Deschamps was suddenly installed as favourite.  They even turned down Alan Shearer's bid for the job.  So far, so good.

Then last night they announced (drum roll) that, er, Kevin Keegan is returning as manager.

That's more like it.  The best part is that in a few months Keegan will get upset about something and resign, and the whole circus can start up again.

scan0002  Incidentally, the SCMP continue to cover this story in their very own special way.  Today's paper has a tiny story announcing Keegan's appointment, but on Tuesday (I think it was) they managed to find a prominent position for the bizarre 'news' that "former Newcastle United manager Graeme Souness insists he would return to St James' Park "in a heartbeat"."

scan0001Well, yes, but only as a spectator, I think you'll find.  This is a very thin story from the Press Association (Souness keen on Newcastle return) that certainly didn't merit the prominence given to it by the SCMP.  It's just possible that Souness will find another job, but it ain't gonna be somewhere he failed in the past.

The Newcastle board may be crazy, but they're certainly not as crazy as that.


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King Kev's appointment has been shocking but welcome. I should have put money on him as he was a rank outsider at 20-1 odds. I hope he stays, the league needs characters like him.


Sorry - who TF is or was Kevin Keegan, and what sort of name is Keegan anyway?

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