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Help!  I think I'm running out of time in the day to listen to all the podcasts I download.

Football Weekly (from The Guardian) is now twice a week, and the BBC has started to offer many more shows, including the News Quiz, the Jonathan Ross show, and even The Archers.

As luck would have it, I can just about keep up, in because Danny Baker's All Day Breakfast Show (ADBS) is temporarily on hold - they started charging for it at the start of September, and then suspended it after a week.  I don't fully understand what is happening here, but the basic problem appears to be that iTunes don't offer the facility for paid podcasts. 

You can get round this (as happened with Ricky Gervais) by doing it as an audiobook, but allegedly they can't be updated every day.  Wippit, the company behind ADBS, tried to make it available for download themselves, but apparently their server was not up to the job.  I waited and eventually paid £2 to get the first week's shows through Audible, and that worked OK, but it's not as simple as having iTunes download it automatically.

Meanwhile, Danny Baker has started another free podcast - this one's a football show with Danny Kelly.  The two of them both started out as rock journalists, and both are real football fans (Baker supports Millwall, Kelly supports Spurs).  They have worked together on various radio shows (on Radio 5, Talk Radio, Virgin, BBC London, and any other station that would hire them) over the years, mainly ranting about football.  Last season Danny Kelly was doing football podcasts for The Times (which I hated), but this is much better - they clearly enjoy working together, and I certainly enjoy listening to it.

Baker & Kelly (as it is called) is still available free via iTunes, though they are talking about charging for it.  I'd happily pay for it, but they need to find a convenient way to do this.

As for the (free) BBC podcasts, well I've never listened to the Archers, and I'm not about to start now.  However, I did enjoy listening to The News Quiz in the days when Barry Took and Simon Hoggart were in charge (particularly in the days when there was a Private Eye team), and Sandi Toksvig seems to do OK.  Apparently the current series is the 60th.

I've also enjoyed what I have heard of the Jonathan Ross podcast.  Again, he appears to be having a good time (and who wouldn't, given the amount he get paid by the BBC). 


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