The same old...
Who needs a computer?


What I want to know is this.  Is it possible to wear a bluetooth headset on a semi-permanent basis and not look like a complete idiot?

I can understand people wearing them when driving, and I suppose they are very useful if you are a courier, but is there any other excuse?

Put it on when you need it.  Take it off at all other times.



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I've said before:

Blue Tooth users - avoid buying an expensive head set by simply writing 'COCK' in biro on your forehead.


I went back to England a few months ago and met up with a mate I hadn't seen or spoken to in a while:

Me: What you up to these days then?
Him: I'm working for xxxx marketing mobile phone headsets
Me: How on earth do you market something that makes you look like a total carpunt?!

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