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Back in 2004, the boss of Ultimo (a lingerie company in the UK), claimed that conditions in the dormitories at factories in Guangdong producing her company's products were similar to that of a 'Travel Inn'.

Well, maybe not.  Or at least not the dormitories for the workers.    

Now comes a story (I read it in The Sun, but it's everywhere), one elderly couple in the UK have been living in the same room in another budget hotel chain for 10 years - and before that they lived in another branch of the same chain for 12 years:

A COUPLE who stayed in a Travelodge in 1985 loved it so much they moved in - and have LIVED in them ever since.

David Davidson, 79, and wife Jean, 70, have spent around £100,000 over 22 years, averaging out at around £90 a week.

But they reckon its worth it for the trouble-free time being cared for by staff — and their view of the car park.

Retired banker David said: “This is our home. We have everything we need here and the staff are like family now.”

The couple even stay in Travelodges when they go on holiday.

They first sampled the budget hotel chain when they booked into a newly-opened branch in Barton-under-Needwood, Staffs, while visiting an elderly aunt.

They tried another on the A1 at Newark, Notts. Although they had bought a small flat in Sheffield for £20,000 in 1980, they were so impressed with the hotel location for trips to Derby and Lincoln that they gradually found themselves moving in.

David said: “We were there for 12 years. Then in late 1996 we heard about a new hotel opening later that year in Grantham and we decided to permanently base ourselves there, having watched it being built.”

In July 1997 the couple moved into Room 1 of the hotel on the day it opened at the Gonerby Moor service area on the A1 — and remain there to this day.

They never have to cook, clean, wash up, do the laundry or make a bed. Nor do they pay the usual household bills.

Well, if they are really only paying around £90 a week, then it's quite good value for money.

But I have to say that looking at the photos of the couple in The Sun, they don't look very happy to be living in an anonymous hotel room right next to a busy trunk road...


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Quite a bargain I would have thought, especially with no bills to pay etc. I suppose the downside would be the home comforts etc. I mean, where would they put your CD collection? They'd have to cart it from room to room, hotel to hotel?


They sound to me like the type that haven't graduated to CDs, but spend their days listening to the wireless, and Andy Williams and Matt Munro on the gramophone.

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