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Last week I mentioned that the drive-in cinema in Kowloon appeared to have closed down.  Today comes confirmation of this in the SCMP (Drive-in cinema shuts after just 8 months - subscription required):

The curtain has fallen on Hong Kong's first and only drive-in cinema just eight months after it opened.

Movie fans might have voted with their wheels because they were not used to watching films in a car, a viewing experience common in North America and Australia before the age of multiplexes.

To mark the finale, a charity screening party organised by the Children's Institute of Hong Kong to raise funds for autistic youngsters will be staged at Austin Road West tomorrow night.

The Drive-In, nestled in the concrete jungle next to Jordan's skyscrapers, opened in January on the 200,000 sq ft site. In front of its screen was space for 90 cars.

People without cars had the option of sitting in a few vintage vehicles or comfortable seats. Tickets cost HK$100 for a car space and one person, HK$50 for a second person and HK$40 for more people.

Partners behind the venture included entertainment lawyer John McLellan and Winnie Tsang, managing director of film distributor Golden Scene.

But the cinema got off to a slow start. Only about 30 people in 16 cars attended the opening night and just six tickets were sold over the internet for the late-night second screening.  Business had reportedly been poor since.

Recently, fans calling to buy tickets were greeted with a taped message: "Sorry, the drive-in theatre has now closed down. Thank you for your support in the past."

So they were willing to admit on their phone line that the cinema was closed, even if the adverts in the SCMP claimed that it was being used for a private function.


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I swear blind that there is an advert in HK magazine (or similar) this week for the Rocky Horror Show to be shown at that venue......?


The great thing about this blog is that you can leave a comment one month and come back the next month to find you are still on the 10 most recent comments list.

This comment will finally knock my August comment off the list, and will itself drift slowly but inexorably down the list. Another month gone; how time flies when you're having fun.


Ah, but I'm very selective about the comments I publish...


But seriously, if I could also request and then receive posts to order, say about airlines, airfares, broadband, TV schedules and supermarkets, I would be in seventh heaven, having my own, custom-made blog.


I'll see what I can do.

By the way, I'm missing all those posts about your driving exploits.


Imagine my surprise when, turning up for my monthly visit to this marvellous organ, I find that my previous comment has just, by a matter of a couple of days, slipped out of the 10 most recent comments list.

But seriously, I do feel the content has been kept up to the usual standard, including (I think) one very fine bonus post about driving.

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