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Everyone changes their mind

A few weeks ago, Donald Trump announced that he was quitting The Apprentice, apparently in response to NBC's reluctance to go-ahead with a new series.

Now it seems (Reuters) that both Trump and NBC have changed their minds.  NBC (which never formally cancelled the show) wants to go-ahead with season 7 (and possibly season 8 as well), and Trump is happy to go along with this - and why not when he gets paid handsomely for promoting himself and his companies. 

The story seems to be that the old boss of NBC wanted to cancel the show, but new chairman Ben Silverman has a different view.  Although the ratings have fallen, the people who do watch it appear to be an attractive audience for advertisers.  Or maybe NBC just don't have anything better to put into their schedule!

I just hope that someone will take a long hard look at what made the show popular in the first place and stop messing about with it.  Bring back George Ross.  No more gimmicks such as the losing team sleeping in the garden or the winning project manager going to the boardroom to decide who gets fired from the losing team.  No more Donald Trump jr.           


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