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Now I can see why it was cancelled

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.  I just watched the final ever episode of The Apprentice.

How could it go so wrong?

Well, just for starters there were too many gimmicks, they "fixed" things that weren't broken, and they ended up making it into just another reality show.

There was not much wrong with having a "final 2" and giving each of them an event to run, was there?  So why change it?  This time there were 4 "finalists" and I had thought that at least they were going to make it more interesting by giving each of them their own event to run. No. Instead we had two teams, and a task that was as dull as dull can be (and, hey, I know a thing or two about that). 

Then at the end of that final task, they had a boardroom where no-one was fired, so there were theoretically 4 contestants still standing at the start of the live finale. Except that we all knew that Nicole and Frank were just there to make up the numbers.

Thankfully the finale was only a single hour rather than the bloated 2 or 3 hours we have had to suffer in the past. And you know something's not quite right when the "special" guest is, er, George Ross, the Trump sidekick who had appeared almost every week in the first 5 series - before being axed in favour of the idiot children.  

Sure enough, Nicole and Frank were despatched fairly quickly, and we were left with James and Stefani.  The problem was that these two had been working together as a team for the last two tasks, and as James had taken the leading role he seemed to have a clear advantage.  On top of that, Trump had asked James for his advice on who to fire in earlier weeks, and so it seemed clear what was going to happen. 

Bizzarely, there was a sting in the tale, and Trump chose Stefani, apparently because of something that James had said.  The only logical explanation would be that Trump thought that James didn't really want the job, whereas Stefani both knew about property development and was happy to move wherevever Trump wanted (which would not be so easy for James with his two young children). 

Amusingly, the first two winners of The Apprentice UK each lasted only a short time working for Alan Sugar before moving on to make their fortunes elsewhere, and perhaps Trump was worried that the same thing would happen to him if he chose James. 

Maybe it was even the right decision for Trump, but it made for a very flat ending to what turned out to be the final episode of the show.   In case you missed the news, NBC didn't include the show in their Autumn schedule, and Trump quit before he could be fired.  Well, at least there was one good decision he made.    


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