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As I am sure I have remarked before, I could fill this blog with the mad letters they publish in the SCMP.  Yesterday, Spike couldn't resist the temptation to highlight a particular stupid example about domestic helpers' salaries from a retired civil servant living in Mid Levels. 

It appears that increased competition is having the desired effect on fares to London.  Cathay are currently offering business class flights for HK$24k (compared to a normal price of HK$40k+), and even Virgin have joined in with Upper Class for HK$30k (but no limousine - boo!).  Meanwhile, Oasis start their service to Vancouver today.

TVB Pearl seem to have decided that if a new blockbuster "threequel" comes out in the cinema, viewers will want to see the one of the earlier films on TV.  They've done it for Pirates and Ocean's 13 and this weekend it's Shrek.  What I want to know is how can anyone sit through these films when they have commercial breaks every few minutes. 

Last weekend, Disney Channel broadcast what they described as the premiere of Chicken Little.  A little later the very same evening the film was on TVB Jade.  There's choice for you...


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Your third point is hardly unique to HK. Over the last few months in .AU, just about every movie sequel opening was preceded by the previous episodes being shown on Free To Air TV. Spiderman, Ocean's Wotsit, Shrek.

And most of the Aussie networks are probably even worse for advertising than TVB! Still, I don't think anyone's topped TVB Pearl's performance during The Phantom Menace some years back when they had a three minute ad-break every ten minutes.

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