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Living in Hong Kong seems to have some interesting stuff from a Filipino perspective, such as this:

Reasons why you should get a Filipina domestic helper

Filipina domestic helpers can be ideal house helpers for Hong Kong people.

They have children back in the Philippines.
Which means: They know how to properly take care of their employers children. This is a sad reality in life that Filipinas leave their children to take care of other people's kids. Just to make both ends meet.

They used to be manage eateries in the Philippines
Which means they are great cooks. While Filipino food is virtually unknown in Hong Kong due to absence of Filipino restaurants, these noble overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are fast learners of Chinese, Western and other cuisines!

They used to be teachers
Which means: They are perfect suit for growing kids. I happen to live near a school and as a common sight all over Hong Kong, I find Filipinas who bring and pick up their wards at school. The schooling does not end up there. At night, they ready their school books and help the kids finish their assignments. Do I need to mention they have great English language skills?

They are great lovers
Which means: They are devoted to the ones they love. So devoted that children who grew up under their care often think they are their biological mothers. That's why it's a tear jerking experience to see a child cry his/her heart out when he finds out his che che is going back to the Philippines. Parents even make compromises such as longer vacations and better pay just to prod the loving helper to defer her departure and sign a fresh contract.

They lived a tough life back in the province
Which means: They are reliable in tough times and always have the initiative to work hard/smart. The bad side of this is that they are subjected to abuse such as sleep, rest or food deprivation.

They are housewives
Which means: They know how to budget the money. They often stretch the budget by scouring for the cheapest commodities the town has to offer. Chinese people are generally thought as penny-pinching folks even back in the Philippines. Therefore a certain skill of making things work out of a limited budget handed to a helper to the grocery is often necessary.

They are spiritual
Which means: They were raised to respect the elderly, be courteous and honest (almost, save for Preslyn Catacutan as a suspect). They can teach children good manners and right conduct.

So it's actually paying for a teacher, a house manager, a cleaner, a cook and a caretaker, all rolled into one. Yet unscrupulous employers still manage to abuse and underpay them. Watch out you morons, remember those things will all come back to you.


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