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He is a quitter after all

Donald Trump was not impressed when one contestant on Series 6 announced that he wanted to quit rather than hang around and probably get fired.  Apparently Trump doesn't like quitters.

Except that when NBC's Autumn schedule was announced and The Apprentice was nowhere to be seen, Donald Trump quit the show before he could be fired. 

The move to Los Angeles always looked like a desperate attempt to boost the ratings, but apparently it didn't come off - though NBC say that no final decision had been made, and they might have added the show to the schedule later.

Series 6 comes to an end soon on TVB Pearl, with just two more shows to go.  Week 12 was shameless even by Trump standards, with the three teams asked to promote his latest development in Las Vegas, and even flying up there in Trump's private plane.  Cue excited squeals from the contestants.

It still beats me how they can allegedly pick the best out a million applicants and still end up with such a hopeless bunch as this lot.  Only one of the three teams did a good presentation, only one of the brochures was any good (and that had the wrong phone number), and one team seemed to have no discernable theme or message.   

Amusingly, Trump was then left struggling - common sense dictated that he should have fired the four idiots in the two teams who had messed up, leaving him with a final two, but presumably everything was set up for a final four, and so he couldn't do that, and instead decided to fire one member from each of the two teams.  Frankie fought for his life and Heidi fell apart under the onslaught, so that was an easy decision for Trump to make, but Nicole must count herself very lucky to have survived by doing as little as posible.  Except that it's painfully obvious who is going to win, and it ain't gonna be her.

Meanwhile,  the UK version seems to be doing rather well (it was moved from BBC2 to BBC1 for the 3rd series, and apparently the ratings have been pretty good) and Alan Sugar has signed up for two more series.

Here again we had a team missing the point of the task.  They were asked to come up with their own brand of trainers and create marketing material (mainly a video and a poster), but Sugar pointedly said that he didn't want something arty that would win the "Montrose festival".

I've lost track of the team names, but this was Jadine and the remaining boys against the hapless Ghazal and assorted girls.  Jadine's team (which may still be called Eclipse) came up with "Street" as their brand, and although the whole thing seemed every bit as generic and hackneyed as the name itself, at least their branding was very clear. 

Meanwhile, Ghazal was way out of her depth, and eventually she gave up and let Katie take over, but although the evil witch is supposed to be a "global brand consultant" you really would never have guessed it from the way she handled the task.  The video was OK, but the idea was to promote the brand and not to be clever or subtle, so they lost.

Sugar toyed with firing the evil witch, but there's plenty of time for that and Ghazal really had to go.  After all the contestants had left the room, Sugar stuck the knife in by remarking that one week earlier he had been considering offering Ghazal a 'wild card' to come back in 5 years time (when she was older and wiser), but had changed his mind after her performance on this task.  Ouch!

It's normally a reliable rule in The Apprentice that anyone who gets noticed in the first 2 or 3 weeks is probably going to be fired sooner rather than later.  However, Jadine does seem to have calmed down considerably after her histrionics early on, and although Tre is still engaging his mouth before his brain he usually ends up on the winning team, and would actually make quite a good apprentice for Sir Alan Sugar (and I don't mean that in a good way).   


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sun gai gweilo

You're right OG, new reports say the Apprentice is over. Reality shows make me cringe. Mrs SGG likes them but I feel we are far too voyeuristic if we watch. Shame on TV producers for lacking creativity.


No matter how great an idea is, the novelty will wear off when it's repeated too many times.

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