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Why not?

Octopus cards can be used very widely these days, but not to buy tickets on the MTR or KCR. 

That might sound a bit daft, but what if you a travelling with someone who doesn't have an Octopus card?  Why do you have to use cash to buy a ticket when you could use your Octopus card?


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Hong Kong Phooey

Good question. I worked for the KCR, will forward your question to the guys at Marketing.


Maybe someone should be asking about how long the Octopus company keep details about the use of cards.

Remember, they can tell when and where you travel, and what you buy at 711 and anything else you do with your card.

I'm sure it would be easy for the police or whoever to log what time you enter and leave an MTR station, and then go through the records and find your card code/number in the system.

Then they could track you very easily. They don't even need your card.

How often do people change their card, or use a spare one?

I just want to know why they keep the information, and how long for.

Am I paranoid?


Indeed a quite good questions. I always thought that it is possible to buy tickets with a Octopus card???

sun gai gweilo

i wish octopus could be used at the cross harbour tunnel and other toll booths. it would be great for motorcycles.


I presume its for the same reason that you can't actually buy an Octopus Card with a credit card - so that if some one steals your CC they can't rip off loads of Octopus cards. Likewise, if someone steals your octopus card they can't buy a heap of tickets.


I think there's a daily spending limit, and anyway I'd have thought that it would be simpler to go to 7-11 and use the Octopus Card to buy something like cigarettes or beer that could be re-sold more easily than train tickets.

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