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I've mentioned Nury Vittachi's blog here before.  Now he has redesigned it, purchased a new domain, and started writing a diary that is someone similar to the Lai See column of old (which ran in the SCMP until 1997 and then in the iMail for a year or two) - though naturally you can expect more on the literary scene and less about business.

I know that Nury's stuff is not to everyone's taste, but I have to admit that I enjoyed the old Lai See columns, and now he is free from the constraints of writing for a newspaper.  Here's one item from today's diary:

A BEIJING COURT ordered a shop to pay 195,000 yuan to US movie studios for selling pirate DVDs of films, the press reported today. The sample movie mentioned in the charge was The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Well, that must be the first that particular bomb actually made some income for the movie industry.


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I think it's Nury's habit of explaining his jokes that makes him Hong Kong's funniest man.

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