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I see that the airport at the Gold Coast is touting for business, and they seem to be making eyes at Oasis.   

Actually, it makes perfect sense for a budget airline to fly to "second tier" airports that will offer them a good deal - that's certainly what Ryanair do in Europe.  Except that I don't think Oasis is Ryanair - for example, Oasis are flying 747-400s to London, whereas Ryanair operate 737s on flights lasting an hour or two.   

Also, it's hard to see there being huge demand.  Cathay operate a curious daily service to Cairns and Brisbane using A330 aircraft, and Qantas have a direct flights to Brisbane 4 days a week using a 767.  The article says that 

Tourism bosses say demand is strong for direct international flights to the Coast because 45 per cent of all international visitors arriving in Brisbane come [to the Gold Coast].

Let's see - that's 45% of the passengers on 4 flights a week on Qantas and let's say 5 flights a week on Cathay.  That's not enough to fill a 747, and that 45% may be optimistic as a target because for some parts of the Gold Coast, it's probably quicker to get to Brisbane than the Gold Coast airport.  So it hardly seems like a compelling case.

Anyway, didn't Qantas set up Australian Airlines as a low-cost carrier to fly from Queensland to Asia (after Ansett went bust)?  They seem to have given up on it and abandoned the Australian Airlines concept (though they do still operate the same routes under the Qantas name).

I'd expect Oasis to concentrate on routes with more demand, such as North America and Europe, and so I think that this other article is also somewhat premature (at best).   


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If it really is A$350 I'll probably take it plus a domestic flight whenever I fly back to Melbourne. Seats on direct Melbourne flights getting as scarce as they are, it's at least better than having to endure the crappy Kingsford-Smith huts on a runway.

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