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Last summer, the UK government introduced very stringent rules about carry-on luggage, and although most of these have been relaxed, liquids are still restricted.  Basically you can only take 100ml, and it has to be in a 100ml (or smaller) container inside a clear, sealable, plastic blag.

Rather to my surprise, I see that Hong Kong is following suit, as reported in today's Standard:

All departing and transit passengers at Hong Kong International Airport will have to place drinks and liquids in transparent plastic bags for screening under tough new security measures to be implemented next month. The measures, recommended by the United Nations' International Civil Aviation Organization, are in response to what are perceived to be increased threats from terrorists using liquid explosives to attack aircraft.

"As Hong Kong is an aviation hub, we're obliged to follow their [ICAO] recommendations," Simon Li Tin- chui, chief operations officer of security at the Civil Aviation Department, said Tuesday. "Additional security measures will impact on passengers, but we're liaising with parties to make sure sufficient resources [are in place] and preparatory work is done to ensure smooth operations." 

The extra precautions will come into force March 21 and continue until further notice.

You will be allowed to buy liquids in the shops after you pass through the security inspection, which is very kind of them - have you seen how much a bottle of water costs in the airport shops?  [Update: Details here]

Inevitably, most people will be unaware of these changes and will turn up with all manner of forbidden items, and then argue with the security staff when they are told that they can't take them on board.  You will probably want to turn up early if you are flying out of Hong Kong in the Easter period.



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