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I was watching the news on Cable TV last night, and they had a strange story about a woman who had gone shopping for fish maw in China but been sold a rabbit's ear instead.  They even had a rabbit ear expert confirming that it was indeed a rabbit ear - by putting a pencil through the ear canal (I understood this part because he was an English-speaking gweilo - apparently no local rabbit ear experts were available at such short notice). 

Yes, fish maw:

The dried stomach lining of large fish. The term refers to the air bladder (also called swim bladder) that is found in all fish except sharks and rays. The maw we buy is usually from the conger pike and its role is to add texture to a dish. It might sound off-putting but it has no fishy taste. The cleaned maw is dried and then deep fried to make it puff and expand. In this state it will keep indefinitely.

If it's there for texture rather than flavour, wouldn't a rabbit ear be a perfectly good substitute?  Judging by the prominence given to the story and the reaction of the "woman in the street", local consumers are not convinced.  Probably because fish maw is supposed to bring good luck, so I think they chose the wrong part of the rabbit.   

Now. if you ask me whether I'd prefer dried stomach lining or rabbit's ears, I'm really not sure which one I'd choose.  Decisions, decisions...


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I see you have slipped to 12th place in the second division of Phiz's league table of links. Better pull your socks up, old chap.


"I was surprised to see I had slipped to 12th place in the second division of Phiz's league table of links..."

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