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The problem with the final task in The Apprentice is that by this stage we (normally) already know who's going to win, and it's quite a challenge for that person to make such a big mess that it makes any difference. Tana did manage it in series three - she looked the most likely winner but chose the final task to demonstrate that she was terrible at man management - but that's the only time it's happened.

This time around it was obvious that Sean was the stronger candidate, and he knew that all he had to do was to avoid stupid mistakes. So he made sure everything was under control, and he greeted Trump when he arrived, and that was enough.  Lee had a few problems (not surprising with the team he choose), but somehow everything turned out OK in the end. 

To the boardroom, and Lee proved once again that he is good in this environment. He tried to convince Trump that his youth made him a 'true apprentice' and that he deserved credit for "stepping up" 4 times to be project manager. Nice try, but Sean was obviously a stronger candidate, and Lee was really admitting that by arguing that he had more potential. 

Here's the strange thing. Each week in the boardroom they analyze the performance of the teams and particularly the members of the losing team. In previous years the same thing happened in the final task. Yet this time (at least in what was broadcast) there was nothing specific about the merits of the two candidates apart from stuff about their education (which seemed to be a tie). Nothing about the mistakes that they had made or what they had done well. Nothing about the success of the events or how much money was raised. I suppose that both teams had done equally well, or maybe Lee did slightly better and that didn't fit in with the script? 

Then Trump asked his children for their opinions, but they had nothing to say. In fact, the only person willing to venture an opinion was Caroline, who praised both candidates but clearly favoured Sean. They also had an online poll, which was apparently strongly in favour of Sean though the actual figures were not announced. 

Trump asked the two of them which of the two adverts for Trump properties jobs they preferred. Sean chose New York to be with Tammy Mr Trump, and Lee said that as a New Yorker he also had to make the same choice. It's possible that if Lee had chosen Hawaii he might have been hired as well (I doubt that Sean would have objected). Never mind, because Trump hired Sean on the night, and Lee a few days later (though not for the Hawaii project). 

All very dull, really. Well, except for a few things that amused me. 

  • The doors in The Apprentice have fascinated me for some time. For the "live finale", the fired contestants trooped out on to the stage through a doorway. Amazingly, as each one came out they had to hold the door open for the next person (or not, when Tammy let the door slam in Allie's face). Did they do a rehearsal? Didn't they realize how clunky it was?
  • The woman from the charity for Lee's task was pretty scary, and there seemed to be a real chance that he would just fall apart under her withering assault. Disappointingly, at the end she seemed to be very happy with the event, though we never really found out how things turned out that way.
  • Lee somehow managed not to meet Trump when he arrived at his event, though he did eventually find him and lead him to seat - and, er,  give him a can of Diet Coke. Such a basic mistake to make.
  • Then there's Lenny, of course. It's hard to imagine a worse person to look after the celebrities (well, OK, maybe Brent). Anyway, Jamie Pressley was not happy with Lenny and called him a "little apprentice boy".
  • Oh, and Sean sneaking off for some hair gel in the shopping mall - and all the nonsense with Tammy.


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