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Out of touch

Margaret Chan has been chosen as the new head of the World Health Organization, and the media here has predictably been celebrating this as a great honour for Hong Kong.  Yeah, right. 

If you speak to ordinary people in Hong Kong they still remember what happened with SARS, and regard Margaret Chan as at least partially responsible for the deaths (particularly in Amoy Gardens).   They are amazed that she could be given this prestigious job and be lauded as an expert on Bird Flu and SARS

The English newspapers have rather grudgingly reported some concerns, but only as a footnote to the story.  Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that they are so out of touch with what people in Hong Kong really think.


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"I eat chickens everyday. Don't worry."


Does she wear a wig or what?


The primary reason that the PRC pushed so hard for M Chan to be appointed was that when SARS came along, the PRC was shutdown by the WHO. The Party was shocked that the WHO could control them. So they decided to take control of WHO so that when the next epidemic comes along they are in control of themselves because they control M Chan. Or least that's the theory. The aim of control of WHO was also publicly announced during SARS.

The secondary reason is that it is not a coincidence that large numbers of African WHO voters turned up in Peking last month. lists African countries as amongst the most corrupt. Don't try to suggest that the WHO vote on M Chan was completely free of corruption.


On her nomination, Mrs Chan said that, although she was Chinese, she would act impartially when heading the WHO. Would anyone expect say, a Swiss, make such a point if she is nominated? Chan's reference to nationality only brings out the point that she knows only too well how "impartial" a Chinese can really be.

Another Mrs Chan, when she was appointed to the Colonial Administrative Officer cadre, pledged allegiance to the Queen. Came 1997 and a chance to become the Chief Executive,she became very proud of being a Chinese, and very 'patriotic' practially overnight.

That's allegiance Chinese style.

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