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It never ceases to amaze me the way that contestants on The Apprentice "over-think" the tasks they are given. The classic example was when they were asked to promote a product in a sports store and one team put on a great event but actually reduced the sales of the product compared to a normal day!!

Another thing to watch for is when an all-male team is given a "guy task" and they are sure that it's going to be easy for them. There have been a few of this, notably one with a sports car in an earlier series, and you just know that it will all go wrong.

So it was that three men (Sean, Michael & Lee) were very happy that they were leaving the hair salon behind and heading for a football game where they could do guy things (selling steaks from Outback Steak House). And they were sure to win. We saw them secure an exclusive arrangement for the cheerleaders to perform next to their tent, give out fliers to lots of people, and generally look as if they were on top of things. 

The girls also wanted the cheerleaders, and dopey Michael nearly let them have some of them, but once that distraction was out of the way they got on with selling more food at a higher price, and delivering it (so they could take larger orders). Sure, the guys had the cheerleaders, and an eating contest, and a "money pit", and lots of fun, but they didn't sell enough food (or possibly their prices were too low). So they lost. 

In the boardroom, Lee and Sean focused on Michael's willingness to let the girls have some of the cheerleaders rather than insisting on the exclusivity they had negotiated. Carolyn felt that this proved that he wasn't tough enough to run one of Trump's companies, and I'm sure she was correct.

However, that doesn't mean that it was correct to fire Michael rather than Lee. The reality is that there are probably only a few of the candidates who could actually do the job for which they are competing, and Trump fires usually some of them at an early stage for making a small mistake or saying the wrong thing in the Boardroom. Then there are the contestants who can only have been chosen for entertainment value, but whom Trump would never be crazy enough to hire. Which leaves us with the contestants who are neither one thing nor the other, including both Lee and Michael.  Lee seems too inexperienced to win, but is a good enough politician to survive countless visits to the Boardroom, Roxanne seems competent without being outstanding, Allie has been inconsistent, and I really have no idea how Michael has survived this long.

So, if you ask me, Lee doesn't deserve to win, but this is hardly an outstanding group of candidates and somebody has to get the job, so I suppose anything is possible. I saw one suggestion that Trump should fire the lot of them and hire Rebecca instead.  Hey, that works for me. 

Anyway, the reason that Gold Rush lost was because Lee did a terrible job as Project Manager, so he should have been fired. That's how it works, isn't it?  Yes, Michael is dopey, but it would seem perverse to fire him for being willing to let Synergy have some of the cheerleaders when that clearly wasn't the reason why they lost.  They either needed more people to sell the food, or higher prices, and they would have won.  Lee got the strategy wrong and should have paid the penalty. However, Trump agreed with Carolyn that Michael had demonstrated his unsuitablity for the job, and so he fired him.  Another lucky escape for Lee, I feel.

The previous week, the girly Synergy team won the hair salon task because they figured out that selling "product" was the key to success. For Gold Rush, Chairmaine didn't have a clue what she was doing as Project Manager, but she did get a free hair cut before Trump fired her. I'm not at all sure how Tarek had survived this long, but Trump decided that now was as good a time as any to get rid of him. Just because he can, I think.

Back in week 9, Synergy managed to win a task, mainly by the cunning plan of waking up earlier. To be fair to Lee he did do a solid job all round as PM on this task, and considering that he had to manage Charmaine and Tarek, he deserves a lot of credit for the victory. Gold Rush were a bit of a mess, and Allie really deserved to be fired. Sean agreed, and told Trump what he thought, but instead Andrea was fired for not being a team player (the same reason as Tarek, in fact).

Sean's comments created tension in the Gold Rush team.  Allie apparently mistook Sean's relentless flirting for something deeper, and had perhaps forgotten that this is a competition they are all trying to win.  At first, Sean mainly ignored this and focused on flirting with Tammy instead.  However, Allie and Roxanne kept moaning about how beastly he had been, and so when Synergy needed an extra body, he was only too happy to volunteer. Which was how we ended up with boys against girls.   


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